Assessment Task

If Mary was alive today, what would that look like? Where is the example of Mary MacKillop in our contemporary culture? Where is she in your world?

1. Define the term ‘social justice’. Provide a dictionary definition and your own personal definition. (This must be written in your own words.)

2.Identify and study indepth an individual or team of people who support the marginalised in Australia. Produce a five  slide Keynote/ Powerpoint presentation to teach others about the individual or team you have identified.

3.Identify a need in our  Wollongong community and list some realistic actions that our class could do to address this need. Produce a mini movie to persuade your peers  to support your need and its related actions.

4. Present your movie to your peers and be prepared for them to ask questions about your identified need.

*Please note that modifications may need to be made dependent on your local area.


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